Easter Exam Getaways With Wave.co

We’ve all been there before haven’t we? The stress of impending exams. The last-minute ruffling of notes, the misplacement of cue cards and the anxiety of wanting to pass your module/course so you can start to build your life.

You just need something to take the edge off, right? Well in steps the hero of the hour, Wave.co.

Wave.co are a company with a brand new campaign aimed at young adults, worried adults I might add, that are in desperate need of a quick-fix to settle themselves before exam week.

Stress exam

If you’ve never been a burrito of stress, have you even lived?

Exam week is generally one sleepless night after another with the temptation to reward yourself with “one last game of FIFA” or “one harmless search for shoes” lasting many hours. All the while you’re being judged and ridiculed by your own textbooks.

So what is Wave.co’s solution? A enjoyable weekend, maybe even longer if you’re crazy enough, during the Easter Break that is friendly on the purse strings and high in fun factor; maybe even sun factor too.

Wave.co are providing cheap holidays, aimed at students, that can erase any lingering fears and doubts for a few days and turn complex equations, economics and psychology jargon into a tasty, ice-cool mojito.


I mean, really, who wouldn’t want this for a few days?

Should you feel guilty you ask? Absolutely not! You’ve probably worked hard all-year, applied yourself and you deserve a break to remind of what you can look forward to when you inevitably pass.

Everyone deserves a holiday and Wave.co are a reputable company with a penchant for providing cheap and affordable holidays for students in need.

So for one week, put down the pen, cast aside the skyscraper of nonsensical notes that are threatening to dictate your life, and get yourself away for a few days in the sun.

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