The Beginning…

Hello reader!

I’m glad that you’ve stumbled across this post as it means you’ve found Games and Graps; the brain child of a man child. Actually, maybe it’s many years from now and I’ve just passed one billion views. Maybe you’re a loyal follower and have decided to dig deep into the core of the site to see the beginning of the madness. If so, I thank you for that.

At the tender age of 24, I’ve decided to shift my focus from playing games and watching wrestling, to WRITING about playing games and watching wrestling. For those of you who are uninformed, ‘graps’ is a slang term for wrestling. I’m not sure where the term originated from or how it came to be, but I think we can deduce that it’s a shortened version of the word ‘grappling’. Plus, it’s nerdy and we love it.

So why create this website then? Because my mind is currently like the ‘Boulders’ level from Crash Bandicoot 1, quite a topical example given how much fun I had getting the platinum trophies for all 3 games last year. I’m a furry, orange, bandicoot running away from my goals. My ideas are a giant boulder hurtling towards me trying to destroy me. So you know what? I put my foot down and made it my goal to be a bit more productive; also, a new Crash Bandicoot game would be lovely.

Crash 1 Boulder

This is me….running away from my problems.

But it’s not all gaming, because we most certainly like the graps too. From RAW to Smackdown to NXT to many, many, many, many PPV’s, to TNA/Impact to NJPW to ROH to various other indie promotions etc. There is a lot of wrestling content happening worldwide every day. Whether it’s TV or breaking news stories, wrestling can always be consumed; not forgetting online streaming services, especially ones that cost 9.99.

Wrestling and gaming are massive components in mine and many people’s lives. I know people that can game until their eyes bleed and I also know people that need their helping of wrestling too. This website should accommodate both. If you like either, terrific. If you like both, then we are already friends.

I’m going to do a couple of in-depth posts that really delve into my psyche and will really walk you through my life, with regards to gaming and wrestling. But I will offer a sneak peek as I look forward to sharing my experience of being at Wrestlemania 34 and also my dedication to Playstation trophies i.e I have over 8, 000 trophies and 106 platinum trophies. I have no life, I know.

Big show pressing Kurt

Wrestling. Where else does a 7-foot man press slam an Olympic Gold Medallist?

So yeah, this is merely an introductory post to test the waters and get an idea of the format of WordPress. It’s an easy way to acclimatise to these new surroundings and gain my footing in a writing medium once more, I have to say, it’s been a while. *wink* *wink*

I look forward to connecting with any readers. It should be a fun ride.

– Andy.H. –

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